Spiritual South India

Spend some time living in an ashram in South India, Eat Pray Love style! Improve wellbeing with daily yoga and meditation classes.

Sri Lanka Surfer Paradise

Explore beautiful beaches along the coast and learn how to surf! Spot turtles bobbing along the shore, and sip tea overlooking tea plantations.

Beautiful Bali

Enjoy the peaceful surroundings of Ubud to further your yoga and meditation practice. Heal your body with plenty of healthy vegan dishes.

My Story

Feeling fed up of the corporate world, stuck in my life and going nowhere, I made a decision which would change my life forever.

I walked away from a 10-year relationship, left the city I had called home for 7 years, quit my job, and gave away most of my possessions to embark on an adventure of a lifetime. It was terrifying, daunting and I had never felt so alone.

But something inside me knew there was more to life than living for the weekend. With no experience travelling, especially on my own, I planned a seven-month trip exploring the world!

Now, as a travel planner, I am on a mission to help like-minded souls spread their wings and plan their own curious adventure.


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