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My Story - Travel Dancer

So how did I start my journey as a travel dancer? Well, it all started after spending seven years stuck in the corporate world. Feeling fed up of pondering the question, "Who Moved My Stapler!?"

And so, I made a decision which would change my life forever.

I walked away from my long-term relationship, left the city I called home, quit my job, and gave away most of my possessions. All to embark on an adventure of a lifetime!

It was terrifying, daunting and I had never felt more alone.

But something inside me knew there was more to life than living for the weekend.

With my backpack jammed full of dance shoes, leotards and leggings, I set off on my journey dancing around the world.


My Curious Adventure

Starting in India, I spent two months living the yogi life in an ashram. Hopping over the border to learn surfing on the sunny beaches of Sri Lanka.

Exploring the East Coast of Australia, dancing at The Space in Melbourne. Finishing my trip in LA, training in dance for three months at Millennium Dance Complex.

It was one incredible and life-changing trip!

Now, I am on a mission to inspire like-minded souls to spread their wings and create their own curious adventures.

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