Best Dance Film Scenes that will Make You Dance

As you know I love to dance and am very passionate about good choreography! During this time one of the things I miss most is going to dance classes. So I have put together the top 10 of my favourite dance film scenes that will really make you get up and dance! Starting with number 10:


10. Pitch Perfect - Barden Bellas Final

Okay, so there are better technique dancers in my top 10 best dance film scenes. However, this is such a fun number with amazing effective yet simple choreo.

Try and watch all of this without dancing a little bit is impossible!

And you can appreciate the amazing harmonising and mash-up of some great songs taking us back to the naughties for some classic tunes. 

Love this routine, it’s simple but great fun to watch and easy to pick up and dance along to!


9. La La Land - Opening Sequence

Firstly this has got to be one of my favourite songs ever! It is impossible to listen to this song and not feel the urge to get up and dance any troubles away.

So this is a bit of a slow starter and has a more freestyle element to the choreography. But the dancers have great technique and the musicality of this number is amazing.

My favourite bit is right at the end when they dance on the rooftops of their cars. Such unexpected choreography, hitting the nuances of the music rather than just following the simple beat. So clever!


8. Singin' in the Rain - Good Morning

I love a good tap number and any tap routine with Gene Kelly is always incredible to watch! Personally, this is my favourite routine in Singin' in the Rain and often gets overlooked for the main number, which is also very good. 

Firstly the song itself is brilliant, I used to listen to this on my way to work to cheer me up. Secondly, the choreo is so clever and intricate, creating amazing percussion with their tap rhythms.

Watch out for the clever ballet tap sequence and how they tap up and down the stairs is incredible!

I once read that Debbie Reynolds didn’t know how to tap dance and learnt while making this film which is impressive! Gives us hope we can all learn to tap like this if we put our mind to it. 


7. Burlesque - Express

Next on my top 10 of the best dance film scenes is this classic film starring Christina Aguilera and Cher, need I say more! Oh and co-starring Kristen Bell and Stanley Tucci, if that wasn’t enough.

The dance routines in this film are incredible; sexy, glamorous yet with pristine technique and musicality.

There are lots of great dance numbers in Burlesque but Express is my very favourite. Straight-forward choreography but so powerful and well-executed. And of course with props!

If you want to learn to dance like this the choreographer of this film actually teaches Heels classes in LA. She even does a beginners class for those dancers who are new to this style of dance.


6. Chicago - Cell Block Tango

Now there are so many good dance routines in this film I could have selected any of them! But my favourite is Cell Block Tango for the incredible dance technique, musicality and power of this routine.

The sequence tells the story of each woman prisoner and how they got there. With clever use of a red ribbon, they tell their story one by one. 

I really love this choreography because it shows the true athleticism of a dancer and the women dance beautifully both as duets and as a group.

I particularly love the incorporation of ballet in this routine amongst the Ballroom style of Tango. 


5. A Chorus Line - First Audition

Now, most people would probably pick the finale as one of their favourite dance film scenes. However, I actually think the audition opening number is my very favourite.

The choreography is more technique based with jette leaps, quadruple pirouettes, and lots of high kicks. So impressive!  

I also love the audition style of this piece, it’s very realistic of how it feels to be a dancer competing with the very best. And being taught streams of choreography at a very fast pace.

I love the very beginning of the film when they shout out the steps and the dancers just do them. Many times I have tried to re-enact the routine just from listening to the single steps, it’s hard! 

Also, you can’t beat a good classic jazz sequence. Check out the finale too, it is really good, imagine gold glitter jackets with matching top hats and canes. Need I say more!


4. Bring It On - Clovers Routine

I am so excited to feature this as one of my favourite dance film scenes of all time! So underrated. Nobody really talks about this routine as it always gets out-staged by Sparky’s  routine. Another classic to watch!

But in terms of composition and musicality, this is amazing choreography! And the best part is, it is straight forward and short so with a lot of re-watching, you could definitely learn this routine!

90’s hip hop at it’s best! And the song is amazing! And the dancers are so in sync with each other. Beautiful! Warning, this song will get stuck in your head all day!


3. Save the Last Dance - Final

Not only is this a great film about conquering racial divides but it also has some incredible dance scenes in both hip hop and ballet!

An inspiring tale about a girl losing her mother in a tragic accident and having to move city to live with her estranged dad. A film about not giving up, following your dreams and overcoming social pressures. Plus it’s Julia Stiles! Need I say more.

The final dance scene is the epitome of hope, love, and courage to do things differently.

Clever and intricate choreography from the beginning with a killer song that will inspire you to go for your dreams no matter how impossible they seem.

The beautiful ballet technique combined with some nods to hip hop and sharp musicality. I love this piece of choreography and it truly sums up the whole film!


2. Step Up - Final

Now we are getting close to number one on my top dance film scenes and it was a very close call between these two films! The original Step Up starring Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan is my favourite in the franchise.

Effortless hip hop moves combined with the beauty of Jenna Dewan's stunning placement and technique make this number amazing to watch!  

Add in the incredible music which combines classical strings with a hip hop beat, this piece is incredible! You know amazing dancers when the camera rarely flicks to the audience view, check out most of Beyonce's videos!

The mix of tricks, technique and duet pieces, as well as the different choreography across the dancers on the stage, makes this an incredible piece of choreography.

It really celebrates the beauty within each style of dance without compromising technique or musicality.

Check out Jenna’s attitude turn in time with Channing’s hip hop turn. The sharpness and preciseness of each move is so well executed and stunning to watch.   


1. Centre Stage - Cooper’s Showcase

For a starter, this has got to be one of the best dance films out there! With countless great dance routines, check out the Jazz dance class, brilliance!

However, my very favourite scene is Cooper’s final dance showcase. It is innovative, fun, and takes ballet to a whole different place. 

This dance scene is so iconic, I still remember my dance teacher showing me this piece at the age of 12 and it had the same impression on me then as it does now.

Depicting five different dance scenes, each telling the story and showcasing five very different forms of ballet. This choreography is clever, inspirational and challenges our perception of what ballet can be as a dance form. 

Of the five scenes, my very favourite is the final routine with our star dressed in red with red pointe shoes! Dancing to Jamiroquai Just Dance. It is empowering, fun and fierce! The Beyonce of ballet choreography. Love it!

And I can’t forget to mention the breathtaking display of fouettes and pirouettes at the end. One word, Wow.


Hope you enjoyed my blog on Best Dance Film Scenes that will Make You Want to Dance! I would love to know your favourite dance scenes of all time! Let me know in the comments below.

Keep dancing my friends 🙂

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