Best Vegetarian Restaurants in Varkala Cliff for Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, and Dessert

Having spent 3 months in an ashram, I was ready for some great vegetarian food by the beach! And so I headed to the beach on Varkala Cliff.

After a lot of yummy research, here are the best vegetarian restaurants in Varkala Cliff. Perfect for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert!


1. Darjeeling Cafe

This is one of my favourite vegetarian restaurants in Varkala Cliff for breakfast. With beautiful views overlooking the sea, and a cosy, coffee shop feel. Darjeeling cafe is a great spot for all meals but breakfast was my fave. 

Try an iced coffee with coconut oat bowl for a healthy start to your day.

I also loved spending time here in the day if it was raining to work on my business. A great place for entrepreneurs looking for healthy food and a calm ambience. 

They also quite often have live music and dancing in the evening! Great way to meet like-minded travellers or hang out with your travel buddies. 


2. Coffee Temple

I couldn’t get far down this list without mentioning a great coffee shop! Coffee Temple makes great food all day and I especially love their breakfasts. And their coffee of course! 

For a caffeine free treat, their chai latte is really good too!

Another great place to hang out on a rainy day with loads of space to catch up with friends.

3. Mad About Coco - The MAC Cafe

So when I visited Varkala the first time, this was my absolute favourite place to hang out.

Situated in the Mad About Coco hotel garden. It is just off the main cliff so a really peaceful place to chill. I was staying in one of their rooms but anyone is welcome to this cafe. 

With friendly staff, adorable dogs, and a hippie, boho vibe, this place is a must retreat for wearied travellers!

Perfect for breakfast, check out their banana french toast, it is sublime! A lovely chilled spot to read a book with great food and drink.

4. True Thomas

A hidden gem! This is one of the best vegetarian restaurants in Varkala Cliff for amazing lunches! 

True Thomas was recommended to me by a local Indian friend I met in the nearby Sivananda ashram. So you know it’s good! 

A bit off the beaten track. It is close to Inda Hotel and Mad About Coco. Just behind the main cliff. 

Here you will find authentic Indian cuisine in a relaxed atmosphere.

As it is off the main cliff, there are fewer tourists here. It seems to be a place where locals mix with well-seasoned travellers so a lovely relaxed atmosphere. 

Check out the Thali for lunch, it’s a traditional Indian dish served at lunchtime in the Southern region.

With a variety of mini curries around the outside and served with rice, you can try a selection of different tastes from India ranging from mild to spicy.

They also serve traditional Masala Dosas which are so tasty for lunch or a daytime snack. 


5. The White Rabbit Vegetarian Cafe

Easy to find, The White Rabbit Vegetarian Cafe in Varkala is on the main cliff.

Set in a pretty garden setting, it is a lovely place to enjoy a healthy lunch feeling the sea air breeze. 

Check out their healthy buddha bowls, they are really tasty!


6. Mad About Coco - The Nomad

This restaurant in Varkala is a really great all-rounder for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

The Nomad has a nice chilled vibe and plenty of seating both outside and undercover. So you can soak up the sun rays, or feel cosy sheltered from the rain. Depending on the weather! 

Another restaurant owned by Mad About Coco, my absolute favourite place to stay in Varkala! All of their establishments have great food and a cosy ambience. 

The Nomad serves healthy breakfasts and great coffee. A great place to hang out and get lost in a good book with yummy food and drink. 

We went there for dinner too and had a selection of traditional South Indian curries which were delicious!

Check out their large range of juices and smoothies too.


7. Karuna Holy-Stay Center

Okay, so this is actually more of a coffee shop than a restaurant. But it is a hidden gem and easy to miss so I wanted to give this place a shout-out!

Located above a fabric and clothing shop, this family-owned establishment is a must-visit. The family, who own both the downstairs clothing shop and the Karuna Holy-Stay Center are really lovely and welcoming.

You will definitely feel at home here. With a beautiful view overlooking the cliff, this relaxed mecca is a great place to escape the busyness of travelling India.

Enjoy a chai latte in this peaceful spot. Or one of their locally-sourced coffees. 

As the name suggests, there are also lots of healing treatments and yoga classes here. But you can just visit for a coffee and homely vibe. 

8. Oottupura Vegetarian Restaurant

Moving on to dinner! This is a less well-known restaurant in Varkala.

Again it was recommended to me by a local Indian friend I met in the Sivananda ashram. And serves really great Indian food in a pretty garden setting. 

The Oottupura Vegetarian Restaurant feels like a more sophisticated dining experience. Set in a garden with pretty lights, it has a more romantic feel. And would be a nice date night if you are travelling as a couple.

I went on my own, and it was nice to get away from the louder restaurants further down the cliff. 

A really nice, quiet spot for good quality vegetarian Indian cuisine in a pretty setting. 

9. Seasun Cafe

Situated away from the main cliff, the other side of the helipad. The Seasun Cafe in Varkala is very different from the more commercial restaurants on the main cliff. 

Run by a local family who literally make the orders up in the kitchen as you place them, you know this food is freshly prepared for you. Because of this, it may take a little longer to be served, but it is worth it.

Plus it is nice and quiet, away from the hustle and bustle of Varkala Cliff at night. 

At night, I would recommend going here with a group of people. There are fewer people around and it is less well-lit. So after dark, I felt safer going there with a group of my travel friends.

After reading some reviews of this place, it seems this restaurant has some great seating overlooking the beach! So definitely check this place out in the daytime too.

10. Abba Restaurant

This is by far one of my favourite vegetarian restaurants in Varkala Cliff. Even if you decide to go elsewhere for dinner, come here for dessert! 

All the food here is delicious, I think I spent most of my evenings in Abba Restaurant.

With comfy wicker basket chairs, and a beautiful view over the sea. Accommodating staff, incredible food, and a pretty ambience. This is a lovely dinner spot with friends or when dining alone.

They even have a bookcase where you can borrow books for the evening. 

We came here later after dinner for some very tasty dessert. You have to try the Hello to the Queen dessert here. It is divine!


Hope you enjoyed my blog on the Best Vegetarian Restaurants in Varkala Cliff for Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, and Dessert. I certainly enjoyed writing it! 

Would love to hear from you in the comments below. Feel free to ask any questions, I read all of your comments and will get back to you. 

Where are your favourite restaurants in Varkala Cliff? Have you been to any of these? What did you think?

As always my friends, happy travelling, and eating! 🙂

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