Best Yoga with Adriene YouTube Videos for Morning Routines

Since the beginning of lockdown, the thing I have missed most are yoga classes. I love the quiet, peacefulness you feel after a good yoga class. So when I joined the Yoga with Adriene 30-day January challenge, I was hooked!

Starting with the 30-day Breath challenge in the Yoga with Adriene community, I fell in love with her quirky teaching style. Her respect for the human body, and the deep insight she provides alongside each practice. 

There are so many Yoga with Adriene videos to choose from on YouTube but here are my top 10 for morning routines. Especially great if you want a quick yoga practice to start your day.

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1. Yoga to Feel your Best

Okay, so this has to be my all-time favourite Yoga with Adriene video. At just over 20 minutes, this is the perfect practice to start your day. And “give you that little boost” as Adriene says. 

This practice is swift but with a real emphasis on stretching your body and noticing what feels good.

It is especially good in the morning when you want a gentle wake-up call.

There are no downward dogs or vinyasa flow in this video so it is perfect for beginners who want a slow and steady practice to get started in yoga. 


2. Healthy Body Yoga

This is another of my favourite Yoga with Adriene videos. As the name suggests, this practice is a good all-rounder focusing on your whole body and is only 20 minutes long! With some great stretches at the beginning to wake up your body. And some core strengthening too. 

There is even a great section at the end where you focus on taking up space. Being fully yourself and playing big in the world.

This video is a great place to start your yoga journey if you want an overall stretch and some toning of your whole body. 


3. Let it Go Yoga Flow

I absolutely love this Yoga with Adriene video! Let it Go Yoga Flow is more about letting go of any frustrations or worries you may be carrying rather than a full vinyasa flow class. 

Starting by settling into your body, acknowledging any feelings of frustration or anxiety. Ready to use this practice to fully let it go. 

My favourite part is quite tricky on the legs but feels amazing when you soar over your problems. It feels incredible! 

Adriene ends the practice with a couple of lovely mantras so you can walk off your mat and truly let it go. I always feel ten times lighter after doing this practice. 


4. Movement Medicine Yoga - Calm

At less than 20 minutes, this is the perfect Yoga with Adriene video when you feel overwhelmed or stressed. With some great grounding postures, and a focus on your breath, this video will leave you feeling centred and at ease again. 

There is even a surprising amount of core work in this one. Great for toning abs!

Oh and there’s a great introduction to Lion’s breath. It’s epic. You’ll have to watch this video to try it!


5. Wake up Yoga

This Yoga with Adriene video is one of the shortest I could find while still getting the relaxing and strengthening benefits of yoga.

It is about 11 minutes long and is perfect if you want a nice stretch before getting on with your day. 


6. Heart Chakra for Beginners

I am always on the hunt for exercises that open my chest and heart chakra. As I spend a lot of time sitting at a computer, I sometimes feel all hunched over. This Yoga with Adriene video will help you to open up your chest and your back.

Leaving you open to new opportunities and experiences which come your way. 

Under 25 minutes, this practice is still pretty quick. You spend longer in each posture and they are designed to stretch your body.

Perfect for when you want a nice, easy relaxed practice and not too many downward dogs! 


7. Sunrise

Another quickie! I love a quick yoga practice. My morning routine gets longer each year as I add new elements to it, so the shorter practices suit me much better! 

The Sunrise Yoga with Adriene video is only about 15 minutes long so perfect if you are running a bit later than usual. Starting standing at the top of your mat, this practice is more dynamic with plenty of vinyasa flow. A great practice for when you are eager to get moving. 

Plus you get to do my favourite posture, standing with legs wide taking up lots of space. Lowering your crown to earth in this humbling, grounding pose. 

Perfect for a morning quickie!


8. Yoga for Self Doubt

This is an amazing restorative Yoga with Adriene video. Starting with some alternate nostril breathing, this practice is perfect for grounding and balancing your energy. Bringing you back to a state of peace and stability. 

With lots of deep stretches, while incorporating your breath, this is a truly relaxing and regenerative practice. And only 16 mins long!

Perfect for when you feel frazzled and unsure. 


9. Yoga Joy

Anytime joy is combined with yoga practice, I’m on board! Who doesn’t want more joy in their life?! 

With some balancing postures, deep stretches, and chair pose, this is a great overall yoga practice. It's also great if you want a more dynamic practice with plenty of vinyasa flow.

My favourite part is “Knocking on Heaven’s Door”. Such a goofy move which is sure to bring a smile to even the grumpiest face.

In less than 20 minutes, it is the perfect morning practice!


10. Yoga and Pranayama for the Spine

Okay, so this Yoga with Adriene video is nearly 30 minutes but is a great foundational practice for bringing true alignment to your body. Perfect start to the day when you are running a bit earlier than usual.

I discovered pranayama in India and it is basically breathwork.

Although it seems simple, breath is integral to keeping our emotions positive, balancing our body, and creating stability in both our minds and bodies. 

As an overthinker and someone who has suffered from severe anxiety in the past. Pranayama is perfect to help ground me and keep anxious thoughts at bay. 

Combining breathwork with gentle poses to promote alignment in your spine, this yoga practice is the perfect start to your day to keep you grounded, stable, and in alignment with your true self. 


Hope you enjoyed my blog on the Best Yoga with Adriene YouTube Videos for Morning Routines. I would love to hear from you!

Have you tried any of these Yoga with Adriene classes? What’s your favourite Yoga with Adriene video?

Let me know in the comments below.

As always my friends, happy yoga practicing! 🙂

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