Yoga with Adriene Bedtime Yoga Routines for Sleep

As someone who can’t sit still for 5 minutes! I wanted to find the best bedtime yoga routines to balance both my mind and body. 

Having fallen in love with the Yoga with Adriene YouTube channel. I have found the best bedtime yoga routines to help you quieten your mind and sleep better. 

Here are my favourite yoga bedtime routines with Adriene, and Benji of course!

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1. Cozy Flow Yoga

First of all, her jumper says it all in this video. “Find what feels good.” So that is the most important aspect when choosing your bedtime yoga routine. Pick whichever ones make you feel best.

That aside, this yoga class is the perfect routine just before bed.

Starting with some gentle neck rolls. Before moving on to some deeper stretches for the legs and opening up the hips.

This is a great video to relax and let any tension from the day disappear. 

Adriene finishes this bedtime yoga routine laid down on the floor, after some more relaxing stretches.

You could even do this yoga class on your bed to really settle you in for a good night’s sleep. 


2. Wind Down Yoga

A much shorter bedtime yoga routine so perfect for when you need a quick practice before bed. 

Starting with Cat/Cow, this practice is a bit more dynamic than Cozy Flow with a strong focus on breath. 

After a short break centering yourself using your breath. This practice moves to gentle stretches on your back. Focusing on stretching your legs and opening up through your hips.

Finishing in Savasana (corpse pose), the ultimate relaxation position for a good night’s sleep.

Perfect when you are short on time and just want a 10min practice before bed.   


3. Yoga for Anxiety

This is a really gentle practice so one of my favourite bedtime yoga routines.

Starting by sitting in a comfortable position on the floor, you begin to ground yourself, focusing on your breath. In this video, you are introduced to alternate nostril breathing. A really great practice for balancing energy and releasing any stress and tension. 

With some deep, gentle stretches on the floor, this is a great video for improving flexibility. Especially in your legs.

Ideal if you have been on your feet all day. Or if you are a dancer or runner and use your leg muscles a lot during the day. 

This yoga practice finishes with some opening poses on your back so you can really let go of anything that happened during the day. 

Perfect wind-down yoga practice before bed. 


4. Movement Medicine - Calming Practice

I love this yoga practice! It can be done first thing in the morning or as a bedtime yoga routine.

Starting with some opening of the chest, and then contracting to create that warm safety of going within. You will feel grounded and centred. 

After some hip-opening Butterfly pose, Adriene leads you with a gentle stretch through the upper body, over the legs.

Perfect for releasing any tension in the body from an active day. 

This is a great overall stretch and workout with Cat/Cow, Gate prep, Puppy pose, and Eagle arms. There’s even a cheeky plank thrown in to help work your core!

Great for getting balanced and centred before bed. 


5. Yoga for Neck and Shoulder Relief

This is a really simple and gentle practice, one of my favourite bedtime yoga routines. 

Starting in a comfortable seated position, which you can do on the floor or in a chair. This practice is ideal for beginners, or if you are new to yoga. 

Following with some simple opening and contracting of the chest similar to Cat/Cow. While focusing on your breath.

This works perfectly as a wind-down from a busy day. 

With some gentle opening stretches for the shoulders and arms. As well as some simple body twists. This is a really great gentle and grounding practice. 


6. Yoga for Flexibility

This is a lovely cosy practice, perfect as a bedtime yoga routine. 

Starting with some simple neck rolls. Then moving on to a gentle opening of the chest and shoulders. This is a really gentle stretch combined with flexibility practice. 

Don’t expect to be pushed into the splits during this practice! However, you will feel nicely stretched and more open.

After a seated forward fold, you move onto your back to do some relaxing leg stretches and hip opening exercises. Perfect for those who don’t feel flexible and want to increase their flexibility. 

Adriene finishes the practice in Savasana which makes this routine perfect just before sleep. 


7. Yoga to Slow your Roll

This is one of my favourite yoga bedtime routines for an overall stretch and relaxation before sleep. You will need a blanket for this practice so have one ready before you start. 

Beginning with a seated forward fold, you have a chance to go within and let go of any stresses from the day. Moving on to some body twists, opening up the chest. This is a great practice to truly surrender. 

Adriene finishes this practice with some chest opening exercises on the floor. Ideal if you have been sitting at a computer all day. 

A great yoga practice to slow down your mind and body after a hectic day. 


8. Yoga for Self Care

At just 10mins long, this is a perfect bedtime yoga routine! It is more of a self-massage and soothing practice rather than deep stretching or toning. 

Ideal for when you have had a physically demanding day and just need some self-love before bed. 

Starting in Child pose, this yoga practice is gentle and soothing. After some deep breaths in this position, you move on to some spinal twists, opening up the chest. Before finishing with some massage of the neck and shoulders. 

Great short practice for when you need some quick self-love before sleep.


9. Yoga for the Service Industry

A dynamic yoga class that has been made for anyone working on their feet all day.

This practice is great after work to let go of any stresses from your workday. Helping you to settle in for a relaxed evening. 

Beginning on your feet, don’t worry you will sit down soon! Adriene helps you stretch out through your feet and your lower back. Which feels amazing when you have been standing all day.

After some leg stretches, you return to the floor to really settle into your body and calm your mind. 

This yoga practice is really great as an overall stretch. Also to quieten your mind and connect back to your body.

A really restorative practice. 


10. Yoga for Vertigo

One of my favourite bedtime yoga routines! It is ideal just before bed.

Starting in a cross-legged position on the floor, you focus first on your breath. Perfect to quieten down an active mind before sleep. 

Next Adriene introduces you to alternate nostril breathing which is incredible for calming and balancing your mind and body.

It’s crazy what a bit of focused breathing can do for your mental health! I highly recommend it.

Moving on to your back, you do some opening of your chest and hips, before finishing in Savasana.

This is a perfect, calming yoga practice just before sleep. 


Bonus: Stress Melt

This practice is a bit longer than the others at 26mins but is well worth it! 

I tried this yoga class as my bedtime yoga routine last night and it was so good I had to add it to my favourite bedtime yoga routines!

This video is just as the title states, a stress melt. And it really works.

If you are having a bad day and nothing is going as you planned. This little beauty will perk you right up. Letting you have at least a good night's sleep, ready to begin again. 

Starting with some simple breathwork, this practice will ground you and leave you feeling optimistic for the future.

With some comforting stretches in between and always coming back to Namaste. Acceptance of yourself and others exactly as they are. This practice really helps you to let go.

The perfect remedy for a bad day!


Hope you enjoyed my blog on Best Bedtime Yoga Routines by Yoga with Adriene on YouTube. These practices have really helped me to wind down before bed and get a good night’s sleep. 

Let me know what you think! I love hearing from you! 

What’s your favourite routine before bed? How do you ensure you get a good night’s sleep? What’s your favourite Yoga with Adriene video?

Drop a comment below and let me know!

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As always my friends, happy travelling and yoga practicing! 🙂 

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