Best Films on Disney Plus UK – Perfect for Sunday Chilling

After finding way too many good films on Disney Plus for Sunday afternoon chilling! I decided to create a second blog with even more of the best films on Disney Plus UK.

Whether you like to be inspired by a heart-warming true story, a fun animated classic, or a feel-good romcom, I have got you! All of these films are fun, feel-good, and will leave you with that warm fuzzy feeling.

Okay, so here we go! The best films on Disney Plus UK right now:


1. We Bought a Zoo

Looking for a heart-melting, sweet story based on a true story? You will certainly find this with We Bought a Zoo. We came across this by accident and it was so good that my boyfriend and I even road-tripped across England to visit the real-life zoo from this story! It was so good. 

The film follows the true story of Benjamin Mee who decided to buy an old, abandoned zoo after the death of his wife. Taking his two children along for the ride to rebuild this zoo and their lives. 

You quickly realise that Ben has no experience running a zoo. Let alone from scratch! Along with a team of helpers who have been assigned to look after the zoo, Ben and his family repair the zoo. All the way back to full health allowing them to re-open. 

It’s such a sweet and inspiring tale, which will make you feel like you can achieve anything if you have perseverance. 

After watching this film, I highly recommend going to visit the actual zoo in Devon. It’s so lovely and feels incredible to help keep their dream alive. As well as meet all of the animals!


2. Runaway Bride

Taking a U-Turn to a romcom, Runaway Bride is another classic film starring Julia Roberts and Richard Gere. If you enjoyed Pretty Woman, this film is definitely for you!

We follow Maggie, a woman notorious for not being able to make it down the altar. Choosing to run away each time she gets close to saying, “I do.” Queue Richard Gere who plays a journalist assigned to write about this mysterious woman. 

After getting to know her better, the two become close, and well, you can guess what happens!

But it is really well put together and one of the best films on Disney Plus UK, perfect for a chilled Sunday afternoon.  


3. Encanto

Returning to classic Disney, Encanto is our first animation best film on Disney Plus UK on this list. Songwriter and lyricist, Lin Manuel Miranda, who also wrote the songs for Moana, returns to Disney to write this incredible story about hope, big dreams, and never being afraid to be yourself. 

With colourful scenery and upbeat songs, Encanto is fun and will leave you feeling like you want to try something new!

The story follows young Mirabel who is the only child in the village who has not been granted a special gift from the magic candle.

After realising that a great danger awaits her village of Encanto, she may be the only one who can bring the whole family together. Bringing a glimmer of hope to save her home. 

This is a really sweet tale with amazing music! You will be singing these tunes all day! Definitely one of the best films on Disney Plus UK. 


4. Moana

Following the theme of classic Disney animation, we have Moana! Another contender as one of the best films on Disney Plus UK.

I have sung the praises of this film before in my blog: Best Empowering Female Lead Films. Have to mention it again because it is so good!    

Moana tells the tale of a young girl in ancient Polynesia who yearns to explore beyond the reef. She has always longed to be near the sea and now she wants to explore further and go on an adventure. However, her dad is afraid and forbids her to go.

Urged on by her grandmother, Moana picks up an oar and starts heading out to find the great Maui beyond the reef. Ready to retrieve the heart and save her island. 

This film will make you seriously want to travel, be warned! Oh, and the music is uplifting and beautiful, which just makes this film unmissable. 


5. Homeward Bound

Another animal adventure! And a blast from the past. I was delighted to discover this 90s childhood classic on Disney Plus! Another of the best films on Disney Plus UK.

For anyone who hasn't seen Homeward Bound in their childhood, I urge you to go and watch this immediately!

This film follows three beloved pets who are sent to a friend’s farm when their family relocates. Shadow, the eldest pet, a loyal golden retriever, escapes the farm to find his owner. Chance and Sassy, a mischievous dog, and pampered cat follow Shadow in a bid to go home. 

It’s such a sweet, loving story that shares the warmth of being home. As well as a feeling of belonging that being with family can bring. 

Bonus points if you can recognise the voices of each pet! Sally Field (Mrs Doubtfire) and Michael J Fox (Back to the Future) star in this film alongside the epic voice of Don Ameche who plays Shadow. 

Definitely one of the best films on Disney Plus UK.


6. Sister Act

Another family feel-good film on Disney Plus is Sister Act.

With a fun soundtrack and starring Whoopi Goldberg and Maggie Smith, need I say more! This film will fill you with joy, laughter, and tears. 

Lounge singer Deloris becomes a victim after she witnesses the murder of a stranger by her boyfriend. Fleeing to the police for help, she soon realises that her boyfriend is actually a renowned criminal and her life is at serious risk. The clever cop decides to put her in the one place her boyfriend would never expect, a convent. 

After disrupting the sedate nun's life, Deloris is punished and sentenced to join the choir who are just a bit rusty! With her love and passion for singing, Deloris soon realises her talent could help save the convent. Through the choir’s dazzling performances. 

This is definitely one of the best films on Disney Plus UK. If not just for the upbeat songs, laughter, and passion for following your heart. Perfect for Sunday chilling. 


7. 10 Things I Hate About You

Moving onto a romcom, well a teen movie/ romcom. 10 Things I Hate About You has got to be one of my all-time favourite 90s films! Definitely a contender for the best films on Disney Plus UK. 

Based on the Shakespeare play, ‘The Taming of the Shrew’, this film tells the story of two sisters who are complete opposites.

In a bid to date the most popular guy in school, the youngest sister begs her father to alter his rule of “no dating”. After much persistence, her dad finally gives in and creates a new rule. Bianca can date. When her sister Kat does.

Determined to date, Bianca forms a plan with new guy, (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) to pay tough-boy (Heath Ledger) to date her sister Kat. Allowing her to date the most popular guy in school. 

This is such a fun film, with great music by Letters to Cleo. It is funny, sweet, and with a deeper meaning behind the plot than you first expect.

Starring Julia Stiles, Heath Ledger, and Joseph Gordon-Levitt, as well as amazing actors Larry Miller and Allison Janney. This is such a feel-good gem of a film. Perfect for Sunday afternoon chilling. 


8. Sweet Home Alabama

Another of my favourite films and definitely one of the best films on Disney Plus UK is Sweet Home Alabama. I actually didn’t enjoy this film when I first watched it. But after watching it again recently, I really loved it!

High-profile fashion designer Melanie Carmichael (Reese Witherspoon) returns to her small hometown when her rich and successful boyfriend proposes to her. Upon returning home we learn that she is actually already married to her high school sweetheart who she needs to divorce in order to marry her eligible bachelor boyfriend. 

Knowing very little of her childhood, her husband-to-be waits patiently in New York while Melanie confronts her husband. 

Being faced with her childhood past and the friends she grew up with, Melanie realises that her husband is not the same man she married 10 years ago. In fact all of her old friends she casually dismisses actually have more in their lives than at first glance. 

It’s a really sweet story of homecoming, and learning that not everything, and everyone is as they seem on the outside.

That happiness does not purely come from money, career success, and fame. Happiness is a state of mind that anyone can experience no matter their background or how they are perceived in life. Sometimes the most beautiful moments in life are the simplest. 

This is a really lovely feel-good film, perfect for Sunday afternoon chilling.  


9. Big

Tom Hanks stars in this 80s classic about a boy who makes a wish one day and becomes an adult. Sick and tired of being bossed about by his family and the kids at school, Josh makes a wish to be "Big" at a funfair. To his surprise, it comes true!

As an adult, Josh does what he thinks adults are supposed to do, he gets a job at a toy company. Being paid to play games and feedback on them, all of his dreams are coming true until he realises that he actually misses his family and the simple pleasures that come from just being a kid. 

This is a really fun, and uplifting film that will make you want to be more playful in your life, and not take things so seriously. One of the best films on Disney Plus UK for sure. 


10. Tangled

I am ending this list of best films on Disney Plus UK with another classic animated Disney film. Tangled was recommended to me years ago but it took me about a decade to actually watch it but it was definitely worth the wait!

This film is loosely based on the fairytale of Rapunzul.

A beautiful baby girl is born with long golden locks which bring about healing and youth when touched. An evil witch who longs for her youth, kidnaps the baby girl and locks her high in a tower. Warning her of the perils in the outside world. 

Growing up, the girl longs to see the world and glimpse life outside of her stone-walled tower. When a notorious thief seeks refuge in her tower by mistake, she takes his stolen crown. Promising to only return if he shows her the outside world. 

A tale of adventure, bravery, and having the courage to try something new. This film is all about challenging our negative stereotypes and opening our heart to new possibilities that at one time seemed impossible.

A film about having faith in your dreams even if they feel far away. 

This is definitely one of the best films on Disney Plus and a really sweet movie, perfect for a cosy Sunday afternoon. Even my boyfriend, stopped what he was doing to watch this film, it’s that good! 


Hope you enjoyed my blog on the Best Films on Disney Plus UK. I would love to hear from you! Let me know in the comments:

Which are your favourite films on Disney Plus? Have you seen any of these films? What are your favourite films for a chilled Sunday afternoon?

As always my friends, happy travelling, and Sunday chilling! 🙂 

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