Top 10 Fun Creative Things to Make You Smile

After spending over 2 months in lockdown, I have put together a list of fun creative things to do. These will surely put a smile back on your face! All of these activities are free or pretty cheap and can be done during a Government lockdown. 

So here are my Top 10 Fun Creative Things to Make You Smile!


1. Create Dream Boards on Pinterest

This has been one of my favourite and most fun things to do! Firstly get a Pinterest account, which is free! Then create whatever boards you fancy.

I like to create fashion boards, hair boards, and desires. You’ll be surprised how many of your desires pop into your life!

My favourite board to create is a Life board for each year. Here I put images of what I want to feel like in that year. For me writing in coffee shops, beautiful cosy living spaces, pretty gardens, travel scenery, and freedom! 

If you already have a Pinterest account and probably countless boards like I did. This is a great time to archive all your old ones you no longer use and to create new. Like a declutter for social media.

Each morning I check my Home page and add to these boards. It’s fun, exciting and inspirational.


2. Create a Vision Board with Magazines

Another of my fun creative things to do is similar but messier!

Find or buy some magazines. You’ll be surprised how many images you will find in just one magazine. Get a big sheet of paper and start pulling images that you like from your magazines. 

You can pick a topic such as Dream House or Travel Destinations. I usually just pull images that represent how I want my lifestyle to be.

Start tearing them out and then arranging them on your big sheet of paper. I usually arrange them all first and then start sticking the smaller images on the larger ones. It is then easier to pick up the large ones and stick them down as the background. 

Ta dah! You have a Vision Board.

Hang it on your wall to inspire you. This is really fun to create and you get daily inspiration from your own creativity! I like to stick on some nostalgic music from the 90s to really feel like a child again.


3. Decorate and Create a Fun Activities Jar

This has been especially great during the lockdown and is my sister’s friend’s idea so I can’t take any credit for this. But it is a fab idea so I’m including it!

Get an old jar, you knew that peanut butter jar would come in handy at some point! Then write on small pieces of paper everything you really want to do. Maybe you can’t due to lockdown or feel a lack of time/money etc.

Anyway write all of those “crazy” ideas down on small slips of paper, fold them up and stick them in your jar.


Now you have a jar full of fun activities to pull out when you feel like cheering yourself up. Plus you’ll instantly feel better knowing you will be able to do these activities at some point soon. 

Mine are really silly little things that I normally take for granted. Things like getting an iced coffee. Or having a day trip to Bath and having tea and cake with my sister.

And occasionally you think of something you can actually do which is another euphoric moment! Like when I realised I could order pizza delivery. Hurrah for Dominos and Papa Johns!

To top off this creative task, you can even paint your jar to make it look even better. I did not have any glass paints but found my nail varnishes worked wonders!


4. Have a Self-Care Day

One of the things I really crave at the moment is the luxury of going to a spa. I am lucky enough to live close to the Bath Thermae Spa. It's really beautiful and even has a rooftop pool which overlooks the city. 

So to ease my cravings, I have started having self-care days where I spend time pampering myself.

Even just a shower with nice shower gel and combing through your conditioner can feel luxurious.

I like to add a body scrub to my shower routine once a week. Then moisturise with a nourishing cream which really soaks into the skin.

My favourite place for all things body pampering is Lush. They use natural ingredients, and all their packaging can be returned so no plastic waste!

You can even make your own body scrub if you don’t have one. Mix ground almonds with olive oil for an instant body exfoliator. 

After a lengthy shower or bath, I then pick a feel good film and paint my nails for the perfect indulgent evening in. Check out my blog on Best Feel Good Wanderlust Films to Inspire Travel.


5. Bake Something Yummy, and Then Eat It

Sticking to cravings, I also miss going for tea and cake with my sister. So I have started baking. Much to my grandma’s dismay as I spill flour all over her newly cleaned kitchen. Oops!

Living with my grandma has the upside of owning a lot of cookbooks. I’m talking at least one whole bookcase! But when I lived in London, I used to browse Jane’s Patisserie. This blog gives simple step by step instructions and lots of tasty photographs to inspire you.

And if baking is not your thing, why not just get some plain biscuits. Next, make up some icing and decorate with sweets. It’s great fun, easy, and really tasty!


6. Create Your Own Cinema Night In

One of my favourite fun creative things to do is to watch a feel good film with snacks.

Check out my blog on Best Feel Good Wanderlust Films to Inspire Travel. Most are available on Netflix or Amazon Prime, or you can rent fairly reasonably on Google Play. 

Set the scene with candles and a darkened room. Pull together your favourite snacks, and maybe a gin and tonic if you’re feeling extravagant! 

Get cosy with cushions and a throw, and comfy clothes of course! Put on your favourite flick in the comfort of your own home. Enjoy without a child kicking the back of your seat! 


7. Watch Some Theatre Online

Maybe you are more of a theatre-goer, I love watching musicals! Luckily for us, the National Theatre, Shakespeare’s Globe and The Shows Must Go On have been offering free full shows each week.

Check out The Shows Must Go On YouTube channel every Friday night at 7.00pm for a new musical to be released. These are only available for 24-48 hours so catch them before they go. 

The National Theatre has been showing full theatrical productions of their best-loved plays each week on Thursdays. So far they have shown One Man Two Guvnors and Jane Eyre. These are only available for one week so watch them before they go!

Fancy a bit of Shakespeare? Shakespeare's Globe in London has been offering access to full plays on YouTube. Check out their latest production on their YouTube channel.


8. Start that Book/Play/Website You Have Always Wanted to Create

I can hear the groans already to this suggestion. But this is an ideal time to at least get started! Think how proud you will feel once you have started…

To stop my brain from complaining too much, I like to just dedicate 25mins a day to my project. I set a timer and then just work on it for that amount of time. Often I end up going over because once I get over the fear of starting, I actually quite enjoy myself! 

Apparently we concentrate best for just 25mins at a time. Personally I like to work before breakfast and then I have something fun to look forward to after work. And I feel proud having done it already in the morning. 


9. Do The Artist’s Way Course on Creativity

Okay, so this one you do need to buy the book if you don’t have it. But it is well worth it! I have used mine 3 times in 3 years, I like to see my progress. Each time I get something different out of doing the course. 

The 12-week course is designed for those who feel they are not creative but long to be. As well as for those who just want more creativity in their life.

The fun exercises and weekly readings will inspire you to try new things and go back to old pastimes you used to love.

Also, this book will perk you up if things are getting you down. In particular, the artist’s dates are a lot of fun!


10. Listen to Inspirational Videos

This is one of my favourite fun creative things to do. Especially if I am having a bad day. YouTube is a great source for amazing inspirational videos! 

You can try out a makeup tutorial, listen to an inspirational teacher, find a yoga class, or learn about a topic which really interests you. So much choice and a wealth of knowledge. 

For the best inspirational speeches, I like to browse TED talks. These can range from aspirational stories and spiritual teachings to science-based theories which will blow your mind!

Check out Oprah Winfrey’s SuperSoul Sessions for interviews with really inspirational people. I really love her interview with Brene Brown. And yes I definitely did cry at one point.

If you want to be inspired to change your life, I would recommend Tony Robbins, Wayne Dyer and Gabrielle Bernstein. Really inspirational people who have each dramatically changed their own lives.


Hope you enjoyed my blog on Top Fun Creative Things to Make You Smile!

Let me know your favourite fun creative things to do in the comments below. Would love to hear your ideas!

Happy creating my friends 🙂

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