Review of The Space Dance Studio Melbourne, Australia

On my quest to find the best dance studios in the world. I came across The Space Dance Studio in Melbourne, Australia. And was delighted to see their range of dance classes for adults!

As someone who loves to take a wide range of dance styles. And be challenged with different levels. The Space Dance Studio in Melbourne seemed perfect for me.

This was such a great dance studio that I wanted to give it a shout-out with a review! So you know exactly what to expect and if this is the dance studio for you.

Here is my review of The Space Dance Studio in Melbourne, Australia. 

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Firstly I was impressed at the range of dance classes for adults at The Space Dance Studio. There are so many different styles and levels. Plus they have loads of classes in the day. 

Perfect for dancers who are looking to train full-time in dance without having to audition. You can take the classes you want, at your own pace, and decide which style you prefer. 

For me, this was exactly what I was looking for.

I have always loved a range of dance classes from classical styles like Ballet, Jazz, and Tap. To more commercial classes like Hip Hop and Commercial Jazz. If you want to pursue a professional career in dance, you need to decide which style you want to focus on. 

This was impossible for me at the time. I loved them all! But after training full time in dance in Melbourne and LA. I fell in love with the Contemporary dance style. 

The Space Dance Studio in Melbourne particularly has some great Lyrical Jazz dance classes, which were my absolute favourite. 


Dance Classes

There are four different levels for adult dancers at The Space Dance Studio. Starting at Absolute Beginner, Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced. This is great if you want to try a range of different styles and progress within each style. 

My dancer tip is to try the level you think you are and the next level up.

As you get better at a particular style, you will find that little push at the next level will help you to progress more quickly.

Plus the lower level will build your confidence as you get better and better. Confidence is key to dancing and performing well, far more than raw talent.

I have seen professionals fluff their way through a routine, messing up a lot of the steps.

But they do it with such confidence that you would never know. Unless you knew the choreography! That’s actually the main difference between professionals and amateurs. Confidence, rather than raw talent or ability. 

Also, The Space Dance Studio has so many different classes to choose from! Ballet, Contemporary, Commercial, Jazz, Hip Hop, Heels, Musical Theatre, Tap, Lyrical, Locking etc.

As well as more fun fitness classes like 80s Fit, Booty Work, and Pilates. They also do yoga classes, and some partner dances such as Jive, and Samba. So lots to choose from!


Dance Programs

When I was dancing at The Space Dance Studio, they were auditioning for their FIIT program (Flexible intensive Industry Training).

This is for dancers who want to pursue dance professionally but need a more flexible schedule so they could work at the same time.

The program schedule runs every morning from Monday to Friday. Dancers are trained in a variety of styles including Ballet, Contemporary, Jazz, Commercial, and Hip Hop. As well as some Body Conditioning to prepare you for the world of professional dance.

Due to Covid, this is no longer on their website. But as things get back to a new normal, I’m sure it will be introduced again. 

These courses are a really great step into the professional dance world. If you are looking for professional dance programs, check out my Review of Millennium Dance Complex in LA


Another great dance training program that runs both in London and Melbourne, is the CBS dance program.

Designed for musical theatre performers who are confident in singing or acting but need a boost in confidence in their dance skills.

This is a great course also for dancers wanting to pursue a career in musical theatre to learn about the industry. And boost their confidence in auditions.

When I was in Melbourne, the CBS students were training at The Space Dance Studio so I was lucky enough to get a taste of the course!

It was really fun, we did a routine to the Newsies musical with one of my favourite dance teachers, Jenny Patrone. She always has great choreography. Utilising the musical accents of a piece while incorporating some acting through dance. Plus her classes are always lots of fun and high energy! 


The great thing about The Space Dance Studio in Melbourne is that they offer class passes. This way you can pay upfront for classes and get a cheaper rate per class. 

Or you can pay as you go. Classes are around $20 Australian dollars, which is about £10 in the UK. 



The Space Dance Studio is located just off the main high street in Prahran, Melbourne. Close to St Kilda. 

It’s tricky to find at first as you need to head down Chapel Street and then it’s tucked away on a side street (Carlton Street).

Turn off Chapel Street when you see the Bank of Melbourne. It’s one of the first entrances on that street, just before Lady Marmalade hairdressers. Really great hairdressers if you fancy a luxury hair treatment!  

Once you enter the building, head upstairs to the main reception area. The team is really lovely and will help you find the right studio for your class. 

The Space Dance Studio is also a really lovely place to hang out if you have multiple classes. Lots of comfy chairs, and areas to chill or warm up ready for your next class.

Plus there are so many shops and amenities around. There is plenty to entertain you if you have large gaps between classes!

I actually rented out an Air Bnb in St Kilda and walked to the studio.

It is definitely feasible but quite a long walk. It took me a good 40mins which in the Australian summer heat, wasn’t the best!


St Kilda is such a lovely part of Melbourne. And super safe as a solo woman traveller. I would highly recommend staying there. If not just for the abundance of amazing coffee shops on your doorstep!

Check out my favourite place for coffee and cake, Fitzrovia


The Space Dance Studio Melbourne, Australia, is a really great dance studio especially for dancers wanting to get into the professional world of dance. 

With a range of different styles and levels, this is a great studio to build your confidence and repertoire as a dancer. 

I would definitely go back! And am very tempted, once they open up their flexible dance program again. 


Hope you enjoyed my blog on Review of The Space Dance Studio Melbourne, Australia. I would love to hear from you! 

Have you been to The Space Dance Studio in Melbourne? What did you think? Where are your favourite dance studios in Australia?

Bonus points if you can recommend a good coffee shop nearby!

Let me know in the comments below. I love reading and replying to all your comments. 

As always my friends, happy travelling and dancing 🙂

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