10 Things I Love about Slovenia

Last summer I was lucky enough to spend over a month in Slovenia. It was the most incredible trip! Now I want to share all the things I love about Slovenia with you.

And what makes this country so beautiful to visit...


1. Affordable

Firstly, it is very affordable to visit. Food is really great value, you can get a good coffee in the capital for 2 euros!

Eating out is also very reasonably priced. We paid about 10 euros for a 3-course vegetarian meal in Medvode. It was really good quality food too!

Slovenia is quite a small country which means you can drive easily from one side to the other.

My boyfriend is from Slovenia so we were lucky enough to have a car. But I would recommend hiring a car. You can get from the capital to the beach in about an hour.


2. Plenty to do

Another thing I love about Slovenia is how many things you can do. And a lot for free! There are lots of mountains you can hike. As well as smaller "hills" like Šmarna Gora and Stari Grad.

Don't let the word "hill" fool you. These are still pretty steep! But so worth it when you are at the top. You don't need any specialist hiking gear. Just good walking shoes or trainers.

My favourite vlogger Mariah Dolenc has a great video on how it feels hiking up Šmarna Gora.

If getting sweaty up a mountain isn't your style, there are lots of beautiful lakes you can swim or sunbathe. Check out Lake Bled and Lake Bohinj. Two stunning lakes with crystal clear waters.

Fancy chilling out on a beach with good food and freshly-baked doughnuts?

Head to Strunjan, a really lovely day trip by the sea. In the heat of the afternoon take the bus to nearby Piran where you can stroll down the narrow cobbled streets. Do some shopping, and relax by the square with gelato ("Sladoled" in Slovenian).

Check out my blog on Best Day Trips in Slovenia for more information on things to do.


3. Delicious and nutritious food

Another thing I love about Slovenia is how healthy the culture is.

A lot of Slovenians grow their own food. Look out for pristine gardens with neat rows of colourful fruit and vegetables.

Even the supermarkets have a lot of fresh, organic food. Check out Kalček, my favourite store for food shopping! It’s a bit pricy but the taste is so worth it.


4. Compact country

Slovenia is a small country so you are surrounded by beautiful nature. From mountains, clear lakes, forests, and beaches, there is nature everywhere and easily accessible.

When I first arrived in Slovenia, I felt like I was on a postcard. There was beautiful scenery everywhere we drove.

Backdrops of snow-capped mountains, lush greenery, crystal clear waters and beautiful forests.

As a small country, it is easy and quick to get around. This makes Slovenia perfect for day trips. Check out my blog on Favourite Day Trips in Slovenia


5. Beautiful nature

What I love about Slovenia is the stunning nature which is everywhere!

From crystal clear lakes (Lake Bled and Lake Bohinj). To clean beaches in Strunjan. And breathtaking mountains at Velika Planina.

There are landscapes to suit every taste! All in one country. 

Look out for hidden crystal clear streams in the forests where you can go for a quick dip. 


6. Mix of landscapes

Something I really love about Slovenia is the mix of different landscapes within this one country. Visit the hills in Jezersko, close to Austria, and feel like you are on the set of The Sound of Music! 

Head South to the beach in Strunjan and Piran to feel like you are in the streets of Italy. 

Even the capital, Ljubljana has the romance of a city like Paris with its cobbled streets. And lots of al fresco dining! Such a beautiful city. 


7. Healthy culture

The thing I most admire and love about Slovenia is the culture. There is such a sense of health and wellbeing in this country.

With lots of people taking to the mountains for an evening hike after work. Or swimming and paddle boarding on the crystal clear lakes. 

There are so many places to walk, cycle, hike up a mountain, or a hill that feels like a mountain! Swim, paddleboard, and sail.

Combined with the ample opportunities to be out in nature and eat home-grown food. I love how active and healthy the Slovenian culture is. 


8. Kind people

Another thing I love about Slovenia is the people. They are so kind and friendly, especially if you try to speak their language.

Firstly most of them are well-versed in English which is super helpful! They are also very appreciative if you do try to speak Slovenian. “Hvala” means "Thank You" and will go a long way!

Another great thing I love about Slovenia is that all the cafes and restaurants are table service.

No need to stand around trying to figure out if you order at the bar or your table like you do in England! Everywhere has table service. So just find a table and wait for your server to come to you. Brilliant! 


9. Doughnuts, doughnuts, doughnuts!

So doughnuts are one of my favourite foods. One thing I especially love about Slovenia is their love of doughnuts.

There is a place in Trojanski dedicated to doughnuts. You have to go there just for the doughnuts!

Also, check out the main restaurant on the beach in Strunjan. If you get there around 10am you can get freshly baked, warm doughnuts. Paired with a "kava s smetano" (coffee with cream) it makes an amazing breakfast!


10. Perfect for photographers

Okay, so there are way more things I love about Slovenia! But if I am picking my top 10, this is my favourite thing.

Not only does Slovenia have a range of stunning backdrops for photographs. From mountains to crystal clear lakes and picturesque beaches. But it also has the full range of seasons. 

Summers are gloriously warm and sunny with long days, perfect for lazing about on the beach or swimming in the lakes.

Winters are covered in snow. With a mountainous landscape and lots of great hikes, Slovenia is perfect for photographers wanting to capture a range of shots. 


Hope you enjoyed my blog on 10 Things I Love about Slovenia. I would love to hear from you! So let me know your thoughts below.

Have you been to Slovenia? What do you love about Slovenia? Do you have any top tips for places to visit in Slovenia?

As always my friends, happy travelling, and doughnut eating! 🙂

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