Stockbridge Coffee Shops – Best of Hampshire

Stockbridge in Hampshire is a tiny town nestled between Andover and Winchester. Despite its small size, Stockbridge coffee shops are aplenty and serve really great coffee, and a tasty cake selection too!

Situated in the beautiful Hampshire countryside, Stockbridge is the perfect place for a country walk and a coffee. And perhaps some well-deserved cake! 

After having lots of fun reviewing coffee shops in Winchester, I decided to take the coffee duo on tour to find the best coffee shops in the surrounding areas of Hampshire. First stop, Stockbridge.

So here are our favourite Stockbridge coffee shops:


Coffee Lab

Have to start with Coffee Lab as one of the best Stockbridge coffee shops. This was probably the reason I stumbled upon the quiet village of Stockbridge in the first place!

Serving excellent coffee, they recently opened their own roastery, here you can expect great quality coffee, well made by their talented team of baristas. The cake selection here is divine also. Teamed with friendly staff, sunny outdoor seating, as well as cosy reading nooks upstairs. Coffee Lab is one of my favourite spots. 

They also have Coffee Lab coffee shops in Winchester but I have to admit Stockbridge is my very favourite! The staff are lovely, there is a super chilled feel, and this particular coffee shop also serves pizza. Did I mention that!! Really good pizza which is stone baked in their open oven in the cafe itself. 

If you are after something more than coffee and cake, Coffee Lab also does delicious breakfasts! 

Wanting to work from a coffee shop, with good wifi and plenty of seating? Coffee Lab is also a great place to freelance in peace. Although I would recommend a table upstairs as it’s a lot quieter. 

All in all, Coffee Lab is definitely one of the best Stockbridge coffee shops and I will definitely return again soon!

Since writing this, sadly Coffee Lab has vacated Stockbridge, Hampshire. But don’t worry, you can still visit, nearby in Winchester. It has been rebranded as Academy where it specialises in providing a range of specialist coffees from around the world. 


Kudos Coffee

A very close contender for the best Stockbridge coffee shops is Kudos Coffee. The coffee here is absolutely delicious and you can’t beat the owner’s passion for making great coffee! 

Coffee is roasted at The Roasting Party in Winchester by another great team of coffee enthusiasts. Each barista at Kudos is trained at the roastery to ensure quality baristas and excellent coffee every time! 

The cakes here are also delicious, and there is a great selection. Including a range of gluten-free and vegan options so perfect for all dietary requirements.

There is some lunch-style food such as bacon bagels, brie and cranberry paninis (bacon can be added), and cheese toasties. As well as vegan toasties, sausage rolls, and vegan rolls. Most of the food can be made gluten-free on request so just ask if necessary. 

Oh, and did I mention the very popular fruit smoothies and milkshakes here? The Biscoff and Oreo milkshakes are some of our favourites!

Kudos Coffee has the best hot chocolates I have had in a while! They use actual chocolate drops melted into the warm milk first to create a velvety feel. Then they add the rest of the steamed milk. You can also select your chocolate, choose from white, dark, or milk.

My favourite was dark chocolate with coconut milk, it tastes like a melted Bounty! 


The best part about Kudos Coffee is the friendly and lovely team who are very accommodating and pretty much always smiling.

The Kudos Team

Now I may be slightly biased as I actually used to work here, hence how I know so much! The owner is so lovely and supportive, and that support really does pass down to the team.

We worked as a team and I thoroughly enjoyed working with some really lovely coffee geeks! If you want a coffee nerd chat, come here! We used to love talking to customers about coffee. The baristas really know their stuff.

One thing to note is that the coffee is based on the Australian coffee market rather than Italian. This means that a cappuccino is made the same way as a latte but with chocolate dusting on top. If you like frothy cappuccinos, then ask for a "dry" cappuccino. 

Insider tip: If you like lots of foam on your coffee ask for it “dry”. If you like very little foam, ask for it “wet”. Most baristas will know what you mean. 

The owner, Rob is super passionate about coffee standards so there is just one size for each drink to ensure the coffee-to-milk ratio is always correct. If you prefer a larger coffee, then you can double up. This means you will get double the coffee and double the milk to ensure the coffee-to-milk ratio stays the same.

Kudos Coffee is one of the really great Stockbridge coffee shops and definitely worth a visit!

Summer is best as there is so much space outside which is especially great for large families.

Seating inside is quite limited but a great haven for freelancers with free wifi to enjoy.

Insider tip: You can enjoy a second coffee for half price once you have paid for one. So perfect for freelancers who want to stay on and finish that project. 

All in all, I have fond memories of working at Kudos Coffee and would recommend it to anyone visiting this tiny village as one of the best Stockbridge coffee shops.


Hoxton Bakehouse

So you may have seen Hoxton Bakehouse in other parts of Hampshire, namely Winchester, Petersfield, and Lymington. But there are quite a few of these coffee shops dotted around the South of the UK. I was drawn in by the bright pink branding of course! And the smell of freshly baked goodies. 

There is limited seating at this bakery so a takeaway option may suit you better but the freshly baked goodies are well worth it. 

They have a good selection including bread, cookies, cupcakes, and of course their specialty buns. These change from season to season. When I visited I had the choice between Pecan and Passionfruit, both were excellent.

At Christmas, they had Cinnamon and Vanilla buns. They also have a vegan Oreo brownie which I had to try! Yes, it was pretty good, especially for being vegan, you would never know.

Everything is baked by hand in their bakery and then delivered to the stores each morning. So you can be sure your baked items are fresh that day.

Hoxton Bakehouse also prides itself on making excellent coffee. Check out their Instagram for lots of barista latte art inspiration. They have their own roastery in Southampton called Seadog Coffee and roast their own coffee.

If you are lucky, pop in at the end of the day and you may be offered a new sweet treat to try. I was lucky enough to try the peanut butter cookie which was really good! 

Insider tip: In the Lymington branch they have a 30% off sale at the end of the day so they can cut down on waste, plus you can get a yummy treat for less. Win win!


Thyme and Tides

Thyme and Tides must be one of the best Stockbridge coffee shops, just from the size of the queue which always seems to line the street! 

As part of my quest to find the best Stockbridge coffee shops, of course, I had to give them a try. 

At first glance, it seems like this deli just does takeaway coffee and food. However, there is a hidden garden out the back. Perfect for sunny days!

There is also some seating inside although it is not as spacious as some Stockbridge coffee shops.

You can easily queue up at the hatch on the street to get any treats and coffee you would like as a takeaway. 


Hope you enjoyed my blog on Stockbridge Coffee Shops - The Best of Hampshire. I love hearing from you in the comments so let me know your favourite Stockbridge coffee shops. 

Have you tried any of these coffee shops? Which were your favourite? Where’s your favourite Stockbridge coffee shop?

As always my friends, happy coffee drinking 🙂

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