Unique Service

After an initial catch up with you to discuss your wants and needs for your perfect trip, I will plan all of the logistics including flights, accommodation and your specific requirements, creating your bespoke adventure!

Later, I will email across all of this information so you can book the parts you like. Meaning you don't have to worry about giving away any important information such as card or passport details.

Think of me as a wedding planner only for travel instead!

At our initial catch up, I will estimate the number of hours it will take me to organise, and just bill you at my hourly rate multiplied by the number of hours it took to plan.

This means I can get you the best prices on flights and accommodation using my expertise and contacts.

My unique service will offer you a bespoke adventure with better savings than package deals.


Support and Guidance

Sometimes when planning an adventure and a change in your life, you just want the guidance and support of someone who has been through it already.

I've left my job to travel the world as a solo woman explorer, given away most of my possessions, leaving my old life behind to start something new.

Trust me, it is scary. But so incredibly worth it!

I truly believe you should follow your heart and if something's not right, you have the power to change it.

Let me help and guide you so you can follow your dreams too, it is never too late!

Need some inspiration...

Spiritual South India

Spend some time living in an ashram in South India, Eat Pray Love style! Improve wellbeing with daily yoga and meditation classes.

Sri Lanka Surfer Paradise

Explore beautiful beaches along the coast and learn how to surf! Spot turtles bobbing along the shore, and sip tea overlooking tea plantations.

Beautiful Bali

Enjoy the peaceful surroundings of Ubud to further your yoga and meditation practice. Heal your body with plenty of healthy vegan dishes.